Woolwich Away

Tommy Silver, Aug. 28, 2013

We've had a good start to the season, with two penalties (makes a change!) and 6 points. But things really start to heat up this weekend, with the North London Derby. I don't need to write much to get people up for this one. Three points at the Woolwich Wanderers so early in the season would be very, very nice and may even cause them to push the panic button. It'll be a good test for Spurs though, the first real test of our ridiculously strong midfield. A win might even cause a few more bin bags to appear at the Emirates next week. Kick off is unfortunately 1am Sunday night / Monday morning, but that's no excuse to miss this one. Find your nearest Spurs pub below.

Adelaide Casino Grandstand Bar
Station Rd, Adelaide
Kick off: 12:30am


Pig n Whistle, Riverside
123 Eagle St, Brisbane
Kick off: 1:0am


The Imperial Hotel
2-8 Bourke St, Melbourne
Kick off: 1:00am


All Night Pizza Bar
714 Albany Highway, Perth
Kick off: 11:00pm


The Triple Ace Bar
198 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Kick off: 1:00am


Fraternity Club
11 Bourke St, Fairy Meadow
Kick off: 1am


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