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Tommy Silver, Jul. 17, 2013

Those of you who have been around OzSpurs long enough will know that we have long proposed a trip to a small town in Western New South Wales - Tottenham. This season, we've decided the time has come to make this trip happen and are working with the town of Tottenham to create a fantastic weekend away for all. The idea is to book a coach to drive us from Sydney to Tottenham, leaving on Friday the 13th of September. On the Saturday, we will have a range of options from golf to lawn bowls to a game of football against the locals, turning the oval into White Hart Lane for the day. That night, we will have a proper country NSW BBQ and then settle into the Tottenham Hotel for a great night with the locals before watching Spurs v Norwich on TV. We will have classic DVDs, some giveaways and other special events for those who travel. We have no doubt that this will be a fantastic weekend away and a great chance to visit Tottenham! Due to the travel arrangements and limited accommodation in a town of only 350 people, this trip will be limited to 15-25 people, so put your name down to register your interest and ensure you don't miss out! Note there is a caravan park and camping grounds, so if you'd like to bring your family, please do! http://tottenhamnsw.com.au/
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